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  • Policy Subcategory: Natural resource management: biodiversity, land, soils

Natural Resource Management

Natural resource management: biodiversity, land, soils

  • Preview Inquiry into the impact on the agricultural sector of vegetation and land management policies, regulations and restrictions (PDF 618.1 kb)
    Submitted to House of representatives Standing Committee on Agriculture and Water Resources on 25 January, 2019

    The NFF’s submission explores the intersection between land management policies, regulations, and restrictions and the agricultural sector’s ability to prudently management fire risk on their properties, and highlights the agricultural sector’s land and vegetation management practices that manage fire risk and particular the broader factors that contribute to fire risk in regional, rural and remote areas. The NFF is of the view that active land management is necessary to manage fire risk – the capacity of landholders to do so can be majorly affected by vegetation laws. Therefore, the NFF recommends a review of state legislation to ensure that laws allow landholders to actively management their land without unnecessary/excessive bureaucratic intrusion.

  • Preview The definition of ‘small business’ and eligibility for exemption from cost recovery fees for environmental assessments under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 Consultation Paper (PDF 198.3 kb)
    Submitted to Department of Environment and Energy on 28 March, 2017

    The NFF’s 28 March 2017 submission recommends that the Government adopt the Australian Tax Office definition for Primary Producer. The NFF’s view is that the imposition of costs for referral under the EPBC provides an additional barrier and may result in the failure of the EPBC Act to achieve its objectives.

  • Preview Water Amendment (Review Implementation and Other Measures) Bill 2015: Submission (PDF 29.3 kb)
    Submitted to Senate Standing Committees on Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport on 29 February, 2016

    The NFF’s 29 February 2016 submission recommends that the Senate support the Bill without amendments and the NFF welcomes adjustments to the reviews and reporting arrangements proposed by the Bill. These adjustments better reflect the timing of the implementation of the plan. The NFF particularly welcomes the addition of a specific requirement for the monitoring and evaluation program to include social and economic impacts, with 5 yearly reporting timeframes...

  • Preview Review of the National Firearms Agreements: Submission (PDF 613.8 kb)
    Submitted to Attorney-General's Department on 18 September, 2015

    The NFF September 2015 submission-in-reply to the Review of the National Firearms Agreements.

  • Preview Water Act Review: Submission (PDF 563.4 kb)
    Submitted to Department of the Environment on 10 July, 2014

    The NFF's 10 July 2014 Submission suggests a number of amendments to the Water Act 2007, providing social, economic and environmental outcomes for water users and the Australian community.

  • Preview Streamling environmental regulation, 'green tape', and one stop shops: Submission (PDF 277.9 kb)
    Submitted to House of Representatives Standing Committee on the Environment on 11 April, 2014

    The NFF’s 11 April 2014 Submission to the House of Representatives Inquiry into Streamlining environmental regulation, ‘green tape’, and one stop shops submission responds to a number of issues relating to jurisdictional arrangements, regulatory requirements and the potential for deregulation. The NFF is seeking a commitment from the Government that new approaches to reporting will not add to the green tape burden of farmers. In addition, the work should also establish a process to proactively and routinely assess the effectiveness and efficiency of regulation affecting Australian agriculture.

  • Preview Australian Heritage Strategy: Submission (PDF 121.3 kb)
    Submitted to Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities on 15 June, 2012

    The NFF’s 15 June 2012 submission to the Australian Heritage Strategy highlights that a lack of effective consultation, fully funded management plans and compensation for affected landowners (particularly in World Heritage listed areas) has undermined confidence in and support for the concept of Heritage listings for many agricultural landholders.

  • Preview Threat abatement plan for five northern grasses: Submission (PDF 353.6 kb)
    Submitted to Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities on 21 November, 2011

    The NFF’s 21 November 2011 submission to the ‘Draft threat abatement plan to reduce the impacts on northern Australia by the five listed grasses’ highlights the concerns of our members in the seemingly inconsistent listing of five northern grasses. Of the five listed grasses, three have high production and economic values (gamba, olive hymenachne and para grass) while the remaining two (mission grass and annual mission grass) have no production values and are considered to have a negative impact on production and environmental values.

  • Preview Environmental Reforms: NFF Joint Submission (PDF 398.8 kb)
    Submitted to Australian Government on 24 October, 2011

    The NFF’s 24 October 2011 submission responds to proposals by the Government to finalise an EPBC Act offsets policy, introduce EPBC Act cost recovery, develop a new Biodiversity policy and introduce the proposed National Centre for Cooperation on Environment and Development. The NFF broadly supports reform of the Government’s environmental legislation and policies - provided it delivers a better business case for farmers, reduces red tape and streamlines environmental legislation and regulation across jurisdictions.

  • Preview Australia's Native Vegetation Framework Consultation Draft: Submission (PDF 533.1 kb)
    Submitted to Australian Government on 31 March, 2010

    The NFF’s 31 March 2010 submission calls on all levels of government to consider stewardship arrangements to recognise on-farm environmental management, and asserts that land clearing bans impact on property rights and must replaced by market-based approaches.

  • Preview Biodiversity Conservation Strategy: Submission (PDF 771.9 kb)
    Submitted to Natural Resource Management Ministerial Council on 29 May, 2009

    The NFF’s 29 May 2009 submission highlights the unique knowledge and contribution landholders make to the effective management of Australia's biodiversity. The past and current efforts of farmers, particular the voluntary efforts to retain and re-establish native vegetation, should be acknowledged, while also planning for the next decade of biodiversity management.

  • Preview Australia’s Strategy for the National Reserve System 2008-2030: Submission (PDF 352.4 kb)
    Submitted to Australian Government on 22 January, 2009

    The NFF’s 22 January 2009 submission to the consultation draft of Australia’s Strategy for the National Reserve System 2008-2030 concentrates on cooperative arrangements for protection of Australia’s biodiversity while, at the same time, protecting and enhancing Australia’s agricultural production.

  • Preview Soils & Terrain: Submission (PDF 357.9 kb)
    Submitted to Natural Resource Management Ministerial Council on 11 December, 2008

    The NFF's 11 December 2008 submission urges the Australian Government adopt a strategic national approach to soil management, highlighting that the lack of knowledge around these ecosystems is impinging on Australian farmers' ability to make informed soil management decisions.

  • Preview Natural Resource Management and other Conservation Challenges: Submission (PDF 610.4 kb)
    Submitted to Senate Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Committee on 28 August, 2008

    The NFF's 29 August 2008 submission to the Senate Inquiry into Natural Resource Management (NRM) and other Conservation Challenges supports regional NRM delivery and welcomes the opportunity for open grants that allow for a range of applicants to delivery NRM outcomes under the six national priorities of the Commonwealth’s Caring for our Country program.

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