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  • Policy Subcategory: Horticulture Code of Conduct

Workplace Relations

Horticulture Code of Conduct

  • Preview Appeal of a decision of Deputy President Bartel in Mitolo Group Pty Ltd [2014] FWC 7682 (PDF 283.9 kb)
    Submitted to Fair Work Commission on 16 January, 2015

    The NFF Wednesday 14 January 2015 submission to the Fair Work Commission in support of an appeal dealing with coverage of the Horticulture Industry Award.

  • Preview Horticultural Code of Conduct - inquiry into the Competition and Consumer Amendment: Submission (PDF 516.4 kb)
    Submitted to House of Representatives Standing Committee on Agriculture, Resources, Fisheries and Forestry on 5 December, 2011

    The NFF’s 5 December 2011 submission to the inquiry into Competition and Consumer Amendment (Horticultural Code of Conduct) Bill 2011 highlights that there is still 'unfinished business' for the Government in bedding down the Horticulture Code of Conduct and responding to a number of recommendations from the ACCC to enhance the Code’s workability.

  • Preview Horticulture Code of Conduct: Submission (PDF 85.4 kb)
    Submitted to Centre for International Economics on 25 August, 2005

    The NFF's 25 August 2005 submission, in response to the Regulation Impact Statement, assesses the potential impacts of a Manadatory Code of Conduct for the horticultural sector.

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