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  • Policy Subcategory: Seasonal Worker Program

Workplace Relations

Seasonal Worker Program

  • Preview Inquiry into the Seasonal Worker Program: Submission (PDF 869.2 kb)
    Submitted to Joint Standing Committee on Migration on 10 July, 2015

    In its 10 July 2015 Submission, the NFF outlined the Seasonal Worker Program's potential, saying it could deliver increased productivity for the agricultural sector, while bringing together foreign aid and labour market policy for mutually-beneficially economic outcomes. The NFF made a number of recommendations to improve the scheme's effectiveness.

  • Preview Pacific Region Seasonal Contract Labour: Submission (PDF 68.6 kb)
    Submitted to Senate Employment, Workplace Relations and Education Committee on 27 March, 2006

    The NFF's 27 March 2006 submission advocates the merits of a pilot program to source unskilled labour from selected Pacific Island nations in response Australia's regional labour shortage.

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