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  • Policy Subcategory: Mining and Coal Seam Gas

Natural Resource Management

Mining and Coal Seam Gas

  • Preview Australia's legislative, regulatory and policy framework for unconventional gas mining (PDF 50.1 kb)
    Submitted to Select Committee on Unconventinal Gas Mining on 14 March, 2017

    It is the NFF's view that landholder rights impacted by mining and extraction licences should be protected by strong, state-based regulatory and scientific frameworks. Further work is required to ensure there are strong regulatory frameworks with clearly specified legal rights, protections and obligations consistent across all jurisdictions.

  • Preview Policy design for the exploration development incentive: Submission (PDF 28.1 kb)
    Submitted to The Treasury and the Department of Industry on 4 April, 2014

    The NFF's 4 April 2014 submission to the Treasury and the Department of Industry on Policy design for the exploration development incentive recognises the tension between the possibly conflicting land use of agriculture and mining continues to be highlighted by mining and coal seam gas exploration and development across Australia. The NFF is concerned the discussion paper fails to explore the possible consequences of the implementation of the inventive on private landholders. The NFF urges the Government to consider mechanisms to require recipients of the incentive to engage fully with landholders when negotiating access, support landholder costs with these negotiations, ensure that liability rests with the explorer, and that any damage to land resulting from exploration activity is rectified.

  • Preview Multiple Land Use Framework Research Study: Submission (PDF 81.3 kb)
    Submitted to Standing Council on Energy and Resources on 14 March, 2013

    The NFF’s 14 March 2013 submission to the Multiple Land Use Framework Research Study highlights that the NFF strongly supports the development of the Multiple Land Use Framework.

  • Preview Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Amendment Bill 2012: Submission (PDF 82.5 kb)
    Submitted to Senate Standing Committees on Environment and Communications on 17 April, 2012

    The NFF’s 17 April 2012 submission to the EPBC Act Amendment (Independent Expert Scientific Committee on Coal Seam Gas and Large Coal Mining Development) Bill 2012 outlines the concern by communities and farmers regarding potential impacts to land use, water, fracking, well integrity and the fracking or geogenic chemicals and the efforts by the Government, through the Independent Expert Scientific Committee, to address these.

  • Preview Minerals Resource Rent Tax Bill 2011: Submission (PDF 122.4 kb)
    Submitted to Senate Standing Committee on Economics on 23 December, 2011

    The NFF's 23 December 2011 submission to the Minerals Resource Rent Tax Bill 2011 and related bills acknowledges that the impacts of the Mining Tax on agriculture, and the regional communities that the sector relies heavily upon, can be seen from both positive and negative perspectives.

  • Preview Senate Inquiry into the Murray-Darling Basin - Mining Coal Seam Gas: Supplementary Submission (PDF 392.0 kb)
    Submitted to Senate Standing Committee on Rural Affairs and Transport on 30 June, 2011

    The NFF’s 30 June 2011 supplementary submission to the Senate Inquiry into the Murray-Darling Basin: Mining Coal Seam Gas summarises the NFF's key issues regarding the impacts of mining and coal seam gas on the Murray-Darling Basin. This Submission also makes a number of suggestions to resolve some of the key issues relating to communication, land access, mining best practice, rehabilitation, water management, and environmental approvals.

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