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  • Policy Subcategory: Taxation

Farm business and productivity


  • Preview Submission to the Australian National Audit Office’s (ANAO) audit of the Farm Management Deposits Scheme (FMD). (PDF 363.8 kb)
    Submitted to Australian National Audit Office on 9 May, 2019

    The NFF considers the changes introduced to the FMD scheme that came into effect on 1
    July 2016 to have materially improved the effectiveness of the scheme in meeting these

  • Preview Remote Area Tax Concessions and Payments (PDF 511.3 kb)
    Submitted to Productivity Commission on 9 May, 2019

    In considering possible amendments to Remote Area Tax Concessions and Payments, the
    NFF would argue that the principle of equity, one of the three key design principles for the
    tax and transfer system, warrants the agricultural sector and rural communities receiving
    special consideration in the taxation system. This consideration is warranted in light of the
    many financial and lifestyle challenges associated with living in rural areas and working in
    the agricultural industry.

    Our overall recommendations are that the ZTO and FBT tax concessions be retained and
    increased to provide meaningful compensation for the challenges of living in remote areas.
    We also recommend that the objectives of these policies be expanded to include incentivising
    people to work in rural and remote regions of Australia.

  • Preview Response to Re:tink Tax Discussion Paper Reform of the Taxation System: Submission (PDF 278.2 kb)
    Submitted to Department of Treasury on 16 June, 2015

    The NFF’s June 2015 submission highlights that Australia’s continued economic wellbeing depends on all levels of government facilitating an environment that drives economic growth and ensures current living standards can continue while protecting the prosperity of future generations. A range of measures will be required to meet the economic challenges ahead. This review of taxation must bring taxation based mechanisms that complement and deliver equitable outcomes in areas such as improved investment in infrastructure, innovation, climate change mitigation, drought preparedness and environmental stewardship. This review provides a real opportunity for change………….

  • Preview Taxation of Trusts: Submission (PDF 149.4 kb)
    Submitted to Treasury on 15 March, 2012

    The NFF's 7 February 2012 submission to the review paper ‘Modernising the Taxation of Trust Income’ outlines important role that trust structures play for the agriculture sector, and suggests the review should focus on fixing known problems and clarifying uncertainties in the existing law.

  • Preview Exposure Draft on Non-Commercial Losses: Submission (PDF 432.7 kb)
    Submitted to Australian Government on 31 July, 2009

    The NFF's 31 July 2009 submission to the Australian Government's Exposure Draft regarding Non-Commerical Losses outlines that the proposed changes could lead to significant unintended consequences - including the potential disincentive for farmers to maximise off-farm income and a negative impact on environmental outcomes, among others.

  • Preview Food Production and Managed Investment Schemes: Submission (PDF 385.0 kb)
    Submitted to Senate Select Committee on Agricultural and Related Industries on 23 July, 2009

    The NFF's 23 July 2009 submission to the Senate Inquiry into Food Production in Australia focuses on Managed Investment Schemes (MIS) and their appropriateness for rural Australia. The NFF is concerned about the exponential growth in MIS forestry projects and believes that in many instances, the MIS mechanism does not promote a sound investment decision.

  • Preview Inquiry Into Agribusiness Managed Investment Schemes: Submission (PDF 588.8 kb)
    Submitted to Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services on 26 June, 2009

    The NFF's 26 June 2009 submission examines the collapse of two of the largest Managed Investment Scheme (MIS) operators - intensifying the focus on the MIS mechanism and how appropriate it is (or isn't) for rural Australia. The NFF is concerned about the exponential growth in MIS forestry projects and believes that in many instances, the MIS mechanism does not promote a sound investment decision.

  • Preview Tightening the non-commercial Loan Rules: Submission (PDF 359.2 kb)
    Submitted to Australian Government on 16 June, 2009

    The NFF's 16 June 2009 submission relates to the Australian Government’s rationale for tightening the non-commercial loan provisions under Division 7A. The NFF encourages the Government to ensure that farmers are not unintentionally affected by the new legislation through their legitimate use of company assets owned exclusively for business use - in particular farm land.

  • Preview Review of Australia's Future Tax System: Submission (PDF 422.3 kb)
    Submitted to Australian Government on 17 October, 2008

    The NFF's 17 October 2008 submission highlights key areas where taxation can play a major role in influencing the behaviour of Australia’s farming community and, if used effectively, induce positives for the economy, the environment and society.

  • Preview The Pension Review: Submission (PDF 379.1 kb)
    Submitted to Australian Government on 26 September, 2008

    The NFF's 26 September 2008 submission to the Australian Government's Review of the Age Pension, Carer Payment and the Disability Support Pension, as part of the Government's broader inquiry into Australia's Future Tax System recommends that the five-year time limit be removed on the ability of farmers to gift the farm to their children upon retirement and access the age pension.

  • Preview Non-forestry Managed Investment Schemes: Submission (PDF 382.5 kb)
    Submitted to Australian Government on 12 September, 2008

    The NFF's 12 September 2008 submission reiterates the view that the Managed Investment Scheme mechanism is not appropriate for agriculture, in many instances leading to distored resource allocation in rural and regional Australia.

  • Preview Proposed Taxation Arrangements for Plantation Forestry: Submission (PDF 125.0 kb)
    Submitted to Dutton Inquiry on 14 July, 2006

    The NFF's 14 July 2006 submission to the Dutton Inquiry into Managed Investment Schemes and their detrimental impacts on long-term sustainability and profitablity of agricultural production.

  • Preview Response to the Fuel Tax Credit Reform discussion paper: Submission (PDF 45.7 kb)
    Submitted to Treasury on 3 August, 2005

    The NFF's 3 August 2005 submission responds to the Australian Government's Energy White Paper and addresses fuel tax excise reforms as it applies to farm production.

  • Preview Inquiry into the Fuel Tax Bill 2006: Submission (PDF 108.1 kb)
    Submitted to Senate Economics Legislation Committee on 24 April, 2005

    The NFF's 24 May 2005 submission outlines the most effective mechanism for farmers accessing their fuel tax excise rebate in relation to the proposed Fuel Tax Bill 2006.

  • Preview Capital Gains Tax: Submission (PDF 241.7 kb)
    Submitted to The Board of Taxation on 4 March, 2005

    The NFF's 4 March 2005 submission outlines proposed changes to Captial Gains Tax small business exemptions.

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