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  • Policy Subcategory: Reducing red tape

Farm business and productivity

Reducing red tape

  • Preview Inquiry into the regulatory burden on farm businesses – Issues Paper (PDF 887.4 kb)
    Submitted to Productivity Commission on 23 February, 2016

    The NFF February 2016 Submission to the Productivity Commission inquiry into the regulatory burden on farm businesses highlights excessive regulation that is impacting upon Australian farm businesses and makes recommendation as to how this can be reduced.

  • Preview Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System Review: (PDF 244.2 kb)
    Submitted to Federal Government on 17 July, 2014

    The NFF's 17 July 2014 submission to the Federal Government on the Review of Exporter Supply Chain Assurance (ESCAS) highlights a number of improvements to the ESCAS system to better streamline processes and eliminate financial and administrative burdens on livestock producers. The NFF urges the Federal Government to look to ensure the current regulatory framework is delivered as efficiently and cost-effective as possible.

  • Preview Draft Australian Government Cost Recovery Guidelines: Submission (PDF 379.8 kb)
    Submitted to Department of Finance and Deregulation on 9 August, 2013

    The NFF’s 9 August 2013 submission to the Department of Finance Draft Australian Government Cost Recovery Guidelines welcomes the approach taken by the Department of Finance, to ensure greater clarity, consistency and coherence of the cost recovery policy and its requirements to better meet the needs of government and industry stakeholders. The NFF raise several concerns and highlight that cost recovery should be transparent, objectively verifiable, generally well understood, simple to calculate, and be stable over time. Moreover, government entities must avoid gold plating of services, regulatory gaming, avoid politicisation of cost recovery, and must deliver improved service standards.

  • Preview Role of Local Government: Submission (PDF 126.7 kb)
    Submitted to Productivity Commission on 8 November, 2011

    The NFF’s 8 November submission to the Productivity Commission’s inquiry into Business Regulation Benchmarking - the role of local government as a regulator - outlines key concerns including the increasing shift in cost from state to local governments and the increasing regulatory responsibilities of local government.

  • Preview Regulatory Burdens on Business (Primary Industry) Review: Submission (PDF 138.1 kb)
    Submitted to Productivity Commission on 15 June, 2007

    The NFF's 15 June 2006 submission to inform the Productivity Commission about the impacts of regulatory burdens on farm businesses aims to reduce red tape for farmers. The submission identifies key areas where regulation hampers farm businesses and makes recommendations for change.

  • Preview Regulatory Compliance Burdens: Submission (PDF 84.3 kb)
    Submitted to Australian Government Regulations Taskforce on 18 November, 2005

    The NFF's 18 November 2005 submission outlines areas where red tape or excessive regulation hinders farm business competitiveness.

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