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  • Policy Subcategory: Food labelling

Access to markets

Food labelling

  • Preview Country of Origin Labelling (CoOL) Regulation Impact Statement (RIS): Submission (PDF 350.6 kb)
    Submitted to Department of Industry, Science & Innovation on 4 February, 2016

    The NFF's 2016 Submission on the Country of Origin Labelling (CoOL) Regulation Impact Statement (RIS).

  • Preview Inquiry into Country of Origin Food Labelling: Submission (PDF 339.5 kb)
    Submitted to House Standing Committee on Agriculture and Industry on 8 May, 2014

    The NFF's 2 May 2014 Submission to the Inquiry into Country of Origin Food Labelling understands that country of origin labelling is a complex task. However, the NFF is of the view that the current food labelling system is failing to meets its policy objective by contributing to a level of confusion among consumers, rather than informing them as to the true origins of food, and in turn, fails to support the farm sector.

  • Preview Food Labelling Review: Submission (PDF 407.1 kb)
    Submitted to Review of Food Labelling Law and Policy on 7 September, 2011

    The NFF’s 7 September 2011 submission into the Food Labelling Review provides in-principle support for the right of industries to implement voluntary measures that provide information about non-health related attributes, assisting consumers in making informed purchasing decisions. The NFF acknowledges that specific factors can require variations and caveats on this principle, however significant pitfalls must be avoided when considering alternatives for food labelling.

  • Preview Review of Food Labelling Law and Policy: Submission (PDF 468.5 kb)
    Submitted to Australian Government on 26 May, 2010

    The NFF’s 26 May 2010 submission to the Review of Food Labelling Law and Policy insists that labelling laws must not impose unreasonable costs or lead to adverse trade implications, and should be practical to implement.

  • Preview Country of Origin Labelling Discussion Paper: Submission (PDF 87.1 kb)
    Submitted to Food Standards Australia New Zealand on 8 September, 2005

    The NFF's 8 September 2005 submission outlines our position on the contentious issue of food labelling.

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