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National Farmers' Federation

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Policy & Issues

The NFF is dedicated to finding innovative and effective policy solutions to the issues affecting Australian farmers and impacting on Australia's agricultural productivity.

The NFF works extensively in policy and advocacy across the broad spectrum of issues to ensure agriculture remains a growing contributor to Australia's economy, society and environment. The NFF's work fits in the following policy priority areas, ensuring a strong and sustainable future for Australian agriculture and the farming sector.

NFF policy is the agreed policy position of the NFF Members' Council (the Presidents of the 30 NFF member organisations).

Policy is debated at regular NFF Committee and Members' Council meetings.

Farm Business and Productivity »

Ensuring Australian farmers can get on with the business of farming is a key priority for the NFF.
Farm business and productivity policies help Australia's farmers improve their productivity and efficiency and maximise their competitiveness.

Access to Markets »

Achieving new export market opportunities and reducing trade distortions within global markets is essential for Australia's farmers, who export some 60 percent of their produce.

Natural Resource Management »

Farmers are at the frontline of delivering environmental outcomes on behalf of the Australian community, owning, managing and caring for 61 percent of Australia's land mass.

Biosecurity, Health and Welfare »

Maintaining Australia's enviable pest- and disease-free status is vital for our farming sector, both in terms of agricultural production and marketing - and is also of critical importance for the wider community and economy.

Education and Training »

Attracting, training and retaining the next generation is a priority issue for the agricultural sector, and the NFF plays an active role in projects and partnerships in agricultural education, training and skills development.

Workplace Relations »

The NFF represents the farming sector in annual wage decisions, ongoing workplace relations reforms, workforce deregulation and flexible workplace relations, and works actively to address the chronic labour shortage in regional Australia.

Liaison Officers »

The NFF has three Liaison Officers on secondment from Australian Government departments to provide services direct to the agriculture sector in the areas of environmental law, biosecurity, and immigration and labour.

Regional Rural & Remote Communications Coalition »

The Regional, Rural and Remote Communications Coalition (RRRCC) is a group of like-minded organisations who have come together to end the data drought and to champion better communications services for consumers and small businesses living in rural, remote or regional areas.

Submissions to Government »

Integral to the NFF's policy and advocacy role is the constructive input and solutions the NFF provides to the Australian Government, including lodging formal submissions.