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December 2011

Report predicts short-term carbon-tax woe for farmers -

DAIRY farmers will be slugged hard by the carbon tax in the short term, with many expected to pay more than $4000 a year in lost revenue and higher electricity...

Guest worker program to be permanent from July next year -

Australia has expanded its Seasonal Worker Program, offering more opportunities for workers from the Pacific Region and now East Timor.

Farmers hail red light on 'traffic' labels -

Farmers have hailed the federal government's decision not to implement "traffic light" food labelling which they say would have eventually driven down...

Gittins needs to meet some real farmers -

I'm beginning to wonder if Ross Gittins has ever stepped foot on a farm, or met a farmer ("Farmers fall silent while food brings home bacon", SMH, 30 Nov)....

November 2011

Agriculture blueprint spells out CSG fears -

The National Farmers Federation (NFF) says the rapid growth of the coal seam gas (CSG) industry is a major concern for primary producers.

A cold reception -

The Federal Government's water buyback plan is met with hostility from both sides of the political spectrum.

Plan to safeguard 'Australia's food bowl' condemned from both sides -

A long-awaited $A10bn plan to safeguard the future of the sprawling but ailing Murray-Darling Basin, known as "Australia's food bowl", has dismayed both...

Water plan 'terrible' for bush -

Australia's biggest food production region - the Murray-Darling basin - must cut water use by 2750 gigalitres a year to improve the environmental health...

New checks could choke coal and gas, say miners -

MINERS have accused Julia Gillard of risking the future of the coal and coal-seam gas industries after she secured parliamentary support for her new mining...

Banks chew the cud on cuts to cockies -

Banks have been slower to pass on interest rate cuts to farmers than home owners, according to research out today.

Forums to shape ag 'blueprint' -

A SERIES of high profile agribusiness forums will be staged by Westpac in a national initiative tied with the National Farmers Federation's (NFF) plans...

Farmers want to press Obama on agricultural aid -

Farmers are urging the Prime Minister to push for reforms to agricultural subsidies in the United States when President Barack Obama visits Canberra this...

Deal puts farmers in clover -

MUSTERING his stock in a lush paddock of white clover yesterday, Armidale grazier and meat export manager Andrew Jackson could barely contain his excitement.

Farmers fearful of discount home brands future -

FARMERS' fears are growing that increased pressure from the dominant Coles and Woolworths supermarkets may force prices for farm produce dramatically down.

Farmers say supermarket home brand battle could lead to more imported produce -

The fight between the major supermarkets has spread to 'home brand' foods. Woolworths has announced that it wants to double sales of home brand items,...

Coal movements raise farmers’ grain train fears -

FARMERS have raised fears key transport infrastructure – road, rail and ports – may not be able to handle this year’s winter crop because of increased...

Farmers welcome interest rate cuts -

THE National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) has welcomed the Reserve Bank of Australia's (RBA) decision to cut interest rates by 25 basis points.

October 2011

Food industry has appetite for change -

Australia's food industry supplies its own population, as well as 40 million people globally, but is hampered in meeting rising global demand.

Farmers say live cattle rules are balanced -

Farmers say new animal welfare arrangements for the Australian live export trade take a balanced approach.

New regime rules no mandatory stunning -

The Federal Government has unveiled new regulations for the live export trade to improve animal welfare standards.

NFF backs new Govt framework for live exports -

Farmers have welcome the Federal Government's continued support for the future of Australia's live export trade in Canberra today.

Emerson free trade push backed -

FARMERS and unions have backed Trade Minister Craig Emerson's plan to abandon the Doha talks and pursue a breakaway liberalisation push that would sideline...

Farmers to draw up agricultural blueprint -

Australia's city-dominated population and policy makers are out of touch with the land, putting at risk the food supply and a $40 billion export industry.

NFF still concerned about effect of carbon tax on fuel -

The National Farmers Federation says the cost of producing food will rise as a result of the carbon price, passed yesterday by the House of Representatives.

Tax rebates must be a genuine incentive to go bush -

Offering meaningful tax incentives to those who live in rural and regional Australia through revamping Australia's Tax Zone Rebate scheme could encourage...

Duties toll ag's 'death' -

NATIONAL Farmers Federation (NFF) economics officer, Charlie McElhone, and NFF president, Jock Laurie, attended this week’s tax forum at Parliament House...

Battle for water heating up politics on bone-dry land -

A battle for Australia's water supplies is growing in intensity as farmers and Greens join forces against booming coal seam gas production.

Ag blueprint must address debt levels: NFF -

Reversing the decline in farm equity levels should be at the top of the list in talks on a long-term national blueprint for the agricultural industry.

Farmers take stock of what challenges may be ahead -

FARMERS are drawing up a blueprint for the long-term future of Australia's agriculture industry, with coal seam gas, infrastructure and carbon pricing...

New vision for farmers of the future -

BUILDING Australian farming into a vibrant and larger industry are key aims of a new national blueprint.

NFF to map farming's global future -

THE National Farmers Federation is pushing for sweeping reforms across the agriculture sector to enable Australia to capitalise on the anticipated boom...

Farmers, miners competing for water -

The head of Australia's key farming lobby group says competition with the mining sector over water is the biggest issue facing Australian agriculture.

Share road and rail, farmers say -

Intelligent design could deliver roads and railways that both miners and farmers could use, the head of the National Farmers' Federation (NFF) says.

September 2011

Dollar a delight for farmers -

AFTER skyrocketing by 26 per cent in the past year, the Australian dollar has fallen by 10 per cent to below parity with the United States dollar – and...

Farmers hit hard by a workforce drying up -

After a decade of drought, the dams are full, prices are high and cotton is booming. But the industry, like many others in rural Australia, now faces a...

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