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Become an NFF member

Join Australia's peak agricultural body, the NFF.

The NFF's 2017 Membership Proposal, available to download below.
The NFF's 2017 Membership Proposal, available to download below.

The NFF has earned a reputation for being one of the most influential and respected advocacy groups in Australia. Our members look to us for leadership,
information and advice on Australian and international issues affecting farmers and for strong representation at a national level.

Joining the NFF makes your organisation
part of a united force.

It provides a direct link to federal politicians and the opportunity to share key insights with government on behalf of the farm sector. To be heard and to remain relevant at a national level it is imperative agriculture
has feet on the ground in Canberra.

The NFF is in easy access to Australian
Parliament House and has a comprehensive network of contacts throughout government, opposition and other key stakeholders to ensure we are at the forefront of agricultural policy discussion and decision-making.

Our members gain access to the latest updates, policy advice and campaign
leadership, which can be adapted for use across their own membership.

We pride ourselves on outstanding analysis of a range of policy issues to not only
provide feedback to government and decision makers on what the rural sector
requires, but also to share insights and practical advice to members.

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