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National Farmers' Federation

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NFF Board

The National Farmers' Federation (NFF) Board was elected on 24 November 2016 and has responsibility for the day-to-day management of the organisation, including:

  • Oversight of the NFF's annual budget;
  • Implementing and setting the priorities for the NFF Business Plan, as well as agreeing on courses of action in implementing the Business Plan in accordance with members' agreed policy imperatives;
  • Establishing committees and taskforces;
  • Receiving advice from the Members' Council, Policy Committees and the NFF Secretariat; and
  • Appointing the Chief Executive Officer.

The NFF Board also makes decisions on the admittance of new members, based on Members' Council guidelines.

The NFF Board comprises the NFF President and NFF Vice-President, along with five Directors, all elected annually by the Members' Council. Two independent Directors may be appointed by the Board, as required, to ensure the necessary balance of skills.

Board Representatives for 2017/18

At the November 2018 Members Council AGM, the following appointments to the NFF Board were made:

Fiona Simson President
David Jochinke, Vice President
Robyn Bryant, AgForce, Director
Tony Hegarty, Cattle Council of Australia, Director
Tony York, WAFarmers, Director
Mark King, Director
Lisa Minogue, Director

In August 2018, the NFF Board appointed two independent Directors:

Andrea Koch, Independent Director
David Carr, Independent Director

Biographies for the NFF President and Vice President

  • David Jochinke (PDF 175.6 kb)

    A Biography for NFF Vice President, Mr David Jochinke

  • Fiona Simson (DOCX 433.0 kb)

    A Biography for the NFF President, Ms Fiona Simson

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