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The National Farmers' Federation produces major publications, including the NFF Annual Review, to inform members, stakeholders and the broader community.

Annual Review

The NFF's flagship publication is its Annual Review, which also includes its Yearbook. It is published online in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format and in Realview. Hard copies of the current edition and electronic copies of previous editions are available from the NFF by contacting: (02) 6269 5666 or emailing .

  • Preview Annual Review 2012-13 (PDF 3.0 Mb)

    The Annual Review 2012-13 includes feature articles and reports on the NFF's highlights, achievements, activities and portfolio areas over the past 12 months.

    The Annual Review is available to download as a PDF via the link above, or to view online in realview.

  • Yearbook 2012-13 (PDF 8.9 Mb)

    As part of the Annual Review, the NFF also produces a Yearbook, containing reports from NFF member organisations covering their activities over the 2012-13 year.

    The Annual Review is available to download as a PDF via the link above, or to view online in realview.

  • Preview Annual Review 2011-12 (PDF 3.0 Mb)
  • Yearbook 2011-12 (PDF 12.4 Mb)

2013 Federal Election Policy Priorities

The 2013 Federal Election marks a critical time for Australian agriculture - a time for agriculture to be reprioritised in Australia's national agenda. The next term of government will take this country to 2016 – a crucial period in determining how Australia will overcome the challenges facing the sector now, while also setting agriculture up to capitalise on future opportunities.

The agricultural sector has five key priorities leading into this election – five key areas that we are seeking commitments from the major parties to achieve:

  • Growing Australian Agriculture
  • Investing in RD&E
  • Increasing competitiveness and profitability
  • Building a stronger workforce
  • Balancing agriculture and the environment

Download the NFF's 2013 Federal Election Policy Priorities documents below.

Blueprint for Australian Agriculture

Following 16 months of consultation and with the input of almost 4,000 people from across the agricultural sector and its supply chain, the NFF launched the Blueprint for Australian Agricutlure on 14 February 2013.

For more, visit the Blueprint page of this website.

  • Blueprint for Australian Agriculture (PDF 4.4 Mb)

    The Blueprint for Australian Agriculture was launched in February 2013 and outlines the key issues, challenges, opportunities and potential solutions for the Australian agricultural sector and its supply chain. Download the full Blueprint report here, and read more about the Blueprint process here.

  • Preview Blueprint for Australian Agriculture - Summary (PDF 728.3 kb)

    A short summary document that outlines the key themes of the Blueprint.

Federal Budget Submission 2014

The NFF's Federal Budget Submission 2014 calls for a reprioritisation of agriculture in Australia's national agenda.

Previous NFF budget submissions are available here.

  • Preview Federal Budget Submission 2014 (PDF 1.2 Mb)

    The NFF's 2014 Federal Budget Submission outlines the following priorities: Agricultural Competitiveness, Trade and Market Access, National Food Brand Strategy, Red Tape, Drought Policy, NRM, National Wild Dog Action Plan, Pest Management, RD&E, Telecommunications, Infrastructure, Capital Gains Tax, Fuel Tax Credit Scheme and People In Agriculture.

Farm Facts

Farm Facts is published annually by the NFF as a compendium of useful and authoritative facts and figures about Australian agriculture, based on fully attributed data from independent sources.

It is designed as a fast reference to top-of-mind national and state-by-state facts about Australia’s farm sector, including a reference for drilling down to specific data on Australia’s leading agricultural commodities, covering: Beef, Cotton, Dairy, Dried Fruits, Grains, Rice, Sheep Meat, Sugar and Wool.

  • Farm Facts 2012 (PDF 5.3 Mb)

    The most authoritative data on Australian agriculture, providing a comprehensive overview of the sector's contribution to Australia and the world.

Agribusiness Loan Monitor

The NFF Agribusiness Loan Monitor compares the agribusiness loan rates of the major banks and other financial institutions to shed light on bank rates and products, helping farmers and rural business operators to make decisions on the most suitable financial solutions.

Produced in conjunction with Canstar, the Agribusiness Loan Monitor is published monthly, following the RBA interest rate announcement.

Previous editions of the NFF Agribusiness Loan Monitor (since June 2011 when the Monitor was established) are available from the NFF on request.

Issues Papers

From time to time, the NFF publishes Issues Papers detailing problems affecting farmers and regional Australias, while posing solutions.

  • Preview Issues Paper - Red Tape in Australian Agriculture (PDF 651.3 kb)

    Australian farm businesses are struggling under the growing weight of unnecessary regulatory burden, the NFF Issues Paper: Red Tape in Australian Agriculture shows.

    The paper outlines the impact of excessive, overlapping and inconsistent regulation, unwieldy approval, licensing and reporting requirements and heavy handed regulators on the Australian farm sector.

    The paper comes as the World Economic Forum releases its global competitiveness report for 2013-14, which shows Australia has slumped to 128th position, out of 148 countries, for the burden of government regulation – down from 96th last year, and 68th the year before.

  • Preview Issues Paper - Population Policy: Labour Pains (PDF 997.5 kb)

    The NFF's Issues Paper calls for a range of measures to address the chronic labour shortage in regional Australia - some 100,000 will need to be filled as the farm sector emerges from drought. The NFF asserts domestic relocation and tying immigration to regional locations as part of the solution to Australia's projected population explosion - Published 27 April 2010.

  • Preview Issues Paper - Population Policy: A Taxing Issue (PDF 598.7 kb)

    The NFF's Issues Paper puts the case for using the taxation system to encourage business and, in turn, people into regional Australia - Published 29 March 2010.

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