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Join Australia's peak agricultural body, the NFF.

The NFF's 2013 Membership Proposal, available to download below.
The NFF's 2013 Membership Proposal, available to download below.

Australian agriculture is currently in a period of great opportunity - and great challenges.

The story of agriculture is very positive; the growth in the farm sector over the past 20 years has consistently outperformed other sectors, and was a key reason Australia avoided a recession during the global financial crisis. Agriculture has an enormous uptake of new technology, thousands of jobs available, contributes $32 billion in export income to the economy and produces the clean, healthy, fresh food that Australian families, and indeed families across the world, enjoy.

The prospects for agriculture are ever-growing, with the need to feed, clothe and house a booming world population. World population growth will continue to expand to over nine billion by 2050, driving demand for both quality and quantity of food and fibre, as well as the availability of arable land and water.

We are entering the ‘Asian century’ and we are well placed to capitalise on this. As the then Prime Minister, the Hon. Julia Gillard said in a video address to the NFF Members’ Council in November 2011: “We have the potential for a new golden era of Australian agriculture, given the rise of Asia.”

Yet we are facing difficult challenges - everything from climate variability to the challenge of meeting this world population growth with increased productivity. Farmers are facing a myriad of issues that impact on their ability to continue to be world leaders in sustainable food and fibre production, including the carbon tax, the Murray-Darling Basin Plan, land use changes, labour shortages, an ageing farm workforce, insufficient infrastructure and the lack of awareness from the wider community about agriculture.

Never before has it been so critical for the agricultural sector to work in cooperation to ensure its voice is heard as a policy priority of Government.

This is why we are inviting all farm organisations and agribusinesses to become a member of the National Farmers' Federation (NFF): to join with us in achieving a strong and sustainable future for the farming sector.

The NFF is the peak representative body for Australia’s 140,000 farmers and the wider agricultural sector. We are recognised as the respected voice of Australian agriculture.

Five years ago, we underwent a membership restructure, acknowledging that for agriculture to achieve the outcomes it needs, it must have unity and collaboration. The restructure has allowed for wider representation, engagement through the agricultural supply chain and an even stronger focus on evidence and outcomes-based policy development. With this restructure, agricultural entities and agribusinesses are able to join with farming organisations and peak commodity councils as NFF members. We strongly encourage you to do so.

For more information, download the NFF’s Membership Proposal 2013.

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