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The National Farmers' Federation (NFF) is the peak national body representing farmers and agriculture across Australia. [ Join us ] With Australia's political, social and natural landscapes ever-changing, the NFF is committed to ensuring modern farming is not only viable and sustainable, but continues its vital and growing contribution to the nation.

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Labor’s animal welfare policy would bring red tape, no outcomes

The National Farmers' Federation (NFF) has rejected Labor’s animal welfare policy labelling the party’s six-point plan as bureaucracy and red tape that would deliver no real improvements to livestock wellbeing.

$60 million to mobile black spots positive news but ongoing commitment needed

Today’s commitment of a further $60 million to the Mobile Black Spot Programme by the Coalition is positive news for areas of rural and regional Australian which have languished for years without adequate coverage.

Backpackers one piece of the ag workforce puzzle

The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) has called for policy to deliver a strong and reliable workforce to agriculture as the sector sits poised to provide thousands of jobs and major growth to the national economy.

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E-Petition: Stop the Backpacker Tax!

The NFF is calling on the Federal Government to stop a proposed tax of $32.5% on backpacker wages. Sign our e-petition to support rural and regional economies.

2014-15 Annual Review and Yearbook

The 2014-15 Annual Review & Yearbook includes feature articles and reports on the NFF's highlights, achievements and policy portfolio areas

2015 Regional Wellbeing Survey

There’s still time to take part in the 2015 Regional Wellbeing Survey, which is open until midnight on the 1st of December 2015.

Sustainable Agricultural Employment & Labour Contracting Guide

Learn how Australian farmers are committed to sustainable agricultural employment and labour contracting, through adoption of practices aligned with existing legal obligations and measures to promote fairness at work.

NFF Committees and Taskforces

Find out more about NFF Committees and Taskforces. What Committees are there? What's the difference between a Taskforce and Committee? How does membership work? What do Committees do? Am I represented?

Submissions to Government

A full rundown on submissions the NFF has made to various Federal Government departments, agencies and inquiries.


On the 12 December 2015, Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, announced three new initiatives led by the NFF that promise to digitally transform Australian agriculture, including a bold new online platform for farmers; the NFF Digital Agriculture Service; and a new incubator for agricultural start-ups and technologies. To find out more, please visit:


Accelerate Agriculture aims to shine a spotlight on key issues and policies which must be addressed this election to further strengthen the opportunity-laden agriculture industry. Visit for further information.


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